Visionary Leaders

Our speakers believe cities are not “smart” if there is homelessness, hunger or poverty, if communities cannot access clean air and water, healthcare, safety, housing, broadband, energy, education, economic opportunity, a decent commute, the ballot box, or build generational wealth. Our 2022 speakers were committed to leading cities into an inclusive and prosperous future.

Chris Adamo Co-Founder
Flamingo Capital
Gabe Amo Special Assistant to the President; Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
The White House
Hardeep Anand Headshot
Hardeep Anand Director, One Water Strategy
Miami-Dade County
Clarence Anthony Headshot
Clarence Anthony CEO
National League of Cities
Luke Antoniou Headshot
Luke Antoniou Senior Editor
Kate Atwood Headshot
Kate Atwood CEO
Sandra Baer CEO
Personal Cities
Karla Ballard CEO
Ashley Bell Headshot
Ashley Bell Founder & CEO
Ready Life
Story Bellows Headshot
Story Bellows Partner
Steve Benjamin Former Mayor
City of Columbia
Andy Berke Special Representative for Broadband, NTIA
U.S. Department of Commerce
John Bernard Head of Strategy and Innovation, Travel & Transportation
David Bevirt EVP, Corporate Leasing & Strategy
Strategic Property Partners
Justin Bibb Mayor
City of Cleveland
Daniel Blackman Regional Administrator, Southeast Region
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Dr. Robert Blaine Headshot
Dr. Robert Blaine Director, Institute for Youth, Education, and Families
National League of Cities
Michael Blake
Michael Blake CEO
Atlas Strategy Group
Jonah Bliss Headshot
Jonah Bliss Founder
Alby Bocanegra VP, Global City Partnerships | Creator, 24-Hour Cities Network
Brandon Branham Headshot
Brandon Branham CTO and Assistant City Manager
City of Peachtree Corners
Justin Braun Director, Marketing and Public Affairs
Orlando Economic Partnership
Margaret Brisbane CIO
Miami-Dade County
Nicole Brisbane Project Director, Center for Public Research and Leadership
Columbia University
Margaret Brown Senior Director, Community Partnerships
Igor Calvet
Igor Calvet President
Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development
Ellie Casson Head of City Policy
Alejandra Castillo
Alejandra Castillo U.S. Asst Sec for Economic Development
U.S. Dept of Commerce
Mayor Castor Headshot
Jane Castor Mayor
City of Tampa
Ana Chammas Director of Innovation, Office of the Mayor
Miami-Dade County
Eulois Cleckley Headshot
Eulois Cleckley CEO, DOT
Miami-Dade County
Roy Coley Headshot
Roy Coley Director, Water and Sewer Department
Miami-Dade County
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper VP, Public Sector
Lilian Coral Headshot
Lilian Coral Director, National Strategy + Tech Innovation
Knight Foundation
Carlos Cruz-Casas Headshot
Carlos Cruz-Casas CIO, DOT and Public Works
Miami-Dade County
Ralph Cutie Headshot
Ralph Cutié CEO
Miami International Airport
Gianni D’Alerta Co-Founder
Miami NFT Week
Meg Daly CEO
Friends of The Underline
Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr.
Hardie Davis, Jr. Mayor, City of Augusta
Chair, Smart City Expo USA
Antonio Delgado VP of Innovation and Technology Partnerships
Miami Dade College
Kim Desmond Headshot
Kim Desmond Chief Race & Equity Officer
City of San Diego
Phyllis Dickerson Headshot
Phyllis Dickerson CEO
African American Mayors Association
Julia Kumari Drapkin Headshot
Julia Kumari Drapkin CEO
Kimberly Driggins Headshot
Kimberly Driggins Executive Director
Washington Housing Conservancy
Michael Dunaway Headshot
Michael Dunaway Associate Director for Innovation, Smart & Connected Systems Division
Claudia Duran Headshot
Claudia Duran Managing Director
Endeavor Miami
Joshua Edmonds Headshot
Joshua Edmonds Director of Digital Equity and Inclusion
City of Detroit
Taj Eldridge
Taj Ahmad Eldridge Director, Climate Innovations
Amir Elichai CEO
Elizabeth Piñón Operating Partner
Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins CEO
Jorge Elorza Mayor
City of Providence
John Paul Farmer President
WeLink Cities
Erskine “Chuck” Faush Director of Community & Economic Development
Nicor, a Southern Company
John Fimbel SVP of Business Development
Kevin Fomengia Director
HBCU Smart Cities Challenge
Chris Foreman CEO
Norma Isabel Fuentes Mayor
City of Santiago del Estero
Kate Gallego Mayor
City of Phoenix
Wendy Garcia Deputy Commissioner, Equity & Inclusion
Erick Gavin Executive Director
Venture Miami
Dan Gelber Mayor
City of Miami Beach
Jane Gilbert Headshot
Jane Gilbert Chief Heat Officer
Miami-Dade County
Alisha Powell Gillis Senior Editor
Route Fifty
Marcus Glover Co-Founder
Lockstep Ventures
Stephen Goldsmith Professor of Practice of Urban Policy; Director, Data-Smart City Solutions
Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Teresa Grandal Cusse Assistant Executive Director
Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation
Keith Grossman President
Matt Haggman EVP
The Beacon Council
Mayor Hancock Headshot
Michael B. Hancock Mayor
City of Denver
Sarah_Spurlock Headshot
Sarah Hannah-Spurlock Nighttime Economy Manager
City of Ft. Lauderdale
Brian Hansen Headshot
Brian Hansen Regional Chief Security Officer, LatAm and Caribbean
Keith Hanson CTO
City of Shreveport
Ian Harris Headshot
Ian Harris Business Development Associate
Ali Hasan Headshot
Ali Hasan WWPS for IoT and Smart Cities
Danny Hendren Sr. Director, Local Government Sales
Devon Henry
Devon Henry CEO & President
Team Henry Enterprises, LLC
Davida Herzl Headshot
Davida Herzl CEO
Clyde Higgs CEO
Atlanta BeltLine
Dyshaun Hines Founder
Meredith Hodgman Policy Lead
Internet of Things Alliance Australia
Eric Hornsby CEO
Saif Ishoof Headshot
Saif Ishoof Founder
Tayler James Director of Research
The Plug
Nick Jean-Baptiste Managing Partner
Jacmel Growth Partners
Lan Jenson Headshot
Lan Jenson CEO
Cybertrust America
Kelly Jin Headshot
Kelly Jin VP, Community and National Initiatives
Knight Foundation
Tishaura Jones Mayor
City of St. Louis
Jordan Justus Headshot
Jordan Justus CEO
Maha Jweied Chief Strategy Officer
Responsible Business Initiative for Justice
Keith Kerman Headshot
Keith Kerman Chief Fleet Officer
City of New York
Kimberly W. LaGrue CIO
City of New Orleans
Rashaad Lambert SVP, Culture and Community
Nico Larco Director of the Urbanism Next Center
University of Oregon
Winston Lazar CEO
Spread Networks
Ben Levine Senior Advisor for Research and Technology
U.S. Department of Transportation
Daniella Levine Cava Mayor
Miami-Dade County
Reta Jo Lewis President and Chair of the Board of Directors
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Luiz Lozada
Luis Lozada CEO
Democracy Works
Bill Lucia Executive Editor
Route Fifty
Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Headshot
Chokwe Lumumba Mayor
City of Jackson
Mahesh Lunani Founder and CEO
Mayor Vi Lyles Headshot
Vi Lyles Mayor
City of Charlotte
Kyle Makinen Senior Manager
Raheem Manning Headshot
Raheem Manning Director, Night Time Economy
City of Philadelphia
Laura Maristany VP, External Affairs
Bitwise Industries
Joel Martin VP
Natalia Martínez-Kalínina
Natalia Martinez-Kalinina Founder & Principal
The NMK Group
Michael Mazur Headshot
Michael Mazur COO
SR McAuliffe Headshot
Dorothy McAuliffe Special Representative for Global Partnerships
U.S. Department of State
Monica Medina Assistant Secretary for Ocean, Environment, and Science
U.S. Department of State
Chris Miranda Chief Information Officer
MSP Recovery
Raul Moas
Raul Moas Senior Director, Miami
Knight Foundation
José Morey Co-Founder
Ever Medical Technologies
Kyle Morrand CEO
Carol Motley SVP
Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau
Arul Murugan Headshot
Arul Murugan Chairman
Borderless Capital
Kyle Othmer Strategic Accounts Director
Michael Paul Manager of Nightlife and Culture, Mayor's Office of Film, Entertainment and Nightlife
City of Atlanta
Michael Pegues CIO
City of Aurora
Madeline Pumariega President
Miami Dade College
Aftab Pureval Mayor
City of Cincinnati
Andrew Quarrie Headshot
Andrew Quarrie Founder
Frank Quesada Founder
MSP Recovery
Anjana Rajan Headshot
Anjana Rajan Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Cornell Tech
Mayor Steven Reed Headshot
Steven Reed Mayor
City of Montgomery
George Reed Headshot
George Reed SVP, Sales and Marketing
Siradel, an Engie Group Company
Raimundo Rodulfo Headshot
Raimundo Rodulfo CIO
City of Coral Gables
Gabriela Sabate Founder and Chairperson
Health Semantics
Jennifer Sanders Co-Founder
North Texas Innovation Alliance
Miguel Sangalang Headshot
Miguel Sangalang Executive Director
Jason Sankey CIO
City of Atlanta
Partho Sanyal Partner
NextEra Energy Investments
Sarasti Headshot
Mike Sarasti Former CIO
City of Miami
Katie Savage Deputy Chief Digital and AI Officer for Digital Services
Department of Defense
Hillary Schieve Mayor
City of Reno
Paul Scialla Founder
International WELL Building Institute 
Frank Scott, Jr. Mayor, City of Little Rock
President, African American Mayors Association
Michael Sherwood Headshot
Michael Sherwood CTO/CIO
City of Las Vegas
Jon Shieber Chief Editor and Venture Partner
Footprint Coalition
Ayinde Simon Director
HBCU Smart Cities Challenge
Grace Simrall Headshot
Grace Simrall Chief of Civic Innovation and Technology
City of Louisville
Sandy Skelaney
Sandy Skelaney Adjunct Lecturer, Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Kimberly Slaughter Headshot
Kimberly Slaughter CEO
Nathaniel Smith Headshot
Nathaniel Smith Founder
Partnership for Southern Equity
Mayor Francis Suarez Headshot
Francis Suarez Mayor, City of Miami
President, U.S. Conference of Mayors
Aarti Tandon Headshot
Aarti Tandon CEO
Smart City Expo USA
Adrianne Todman Deputy Secretary
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Tiffany Troxler Headshot
Tiffany Troxler Director, Sea Level Solutions Center
Clara Tsao Founding Director
Filecoin Foundation
Earl Turner Director of Research
HBCU Smart Cities Challenge
Ashley Turney Chief Innovation and Experience Officer
City of Reno
Jordi Vaquer Secretary General
Darren Ware SVP Government Engagement, LatAm & Caribbean
Hydi Webb Headshot
Hydi Webb CEO
Mark Wheeler CIO
City of Philadelphia
Randall White Headshot
Randall White Nighttime Economy Advocate
Mary Ellen Wiederwohl CEO
Accelerator for America
NLC President Mayor Vince Williams
Vince Williams Mayor, Union City
President, National League of Cities
Mayor Victoria Woodards
Victoria Woodards Mayor
City of Tacoma
Zack Wyatt Headshot
Zack Wyatt Executive Director
Carolina Farm Trust
Stephanie Young Executive Director
When We All Vote
Ricard Zapatero Headshot
Ricard Zapatero CEO
Fira Barcelona International