Visionary Leaders

Our speakers believe cities are not “smart” if there is homelessness, hunger or poverty, if communities cannot access clean air and water, healthcare, safety, housing, education, economic opportunity, a decent commute, access the ballot box, or build generational wealth. Join them as they lead cities into an inclusive and prosperous future.

Gabe Amo Special Assistant to the President; Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
The White House
Clarence Anthony Headshot
Clarence Anthony CEO
National League of Cities
Luke Antoniou Headshot
Luke Antoniou Senior Editor
Kate Atwood Headshot
Kate Atwood CEO
Sandra Baer CEO
Personal Cities
Ger Baron CTO
City of Amsterdam
Story Bellows Headshot
Story Bellows Partner
Steve Benjamin Former Mayor
City of Columbia
Brenna Berman Headshot
Brenna Berman Former CIO
City of Chicago
Justin Bibb Mayor
City of Cleveland
Dr. Robert Blaine Headshot
Dr. Robert Blaine Director, Institute for Youth, Education, and Families
National League of Cities
Jonah Bliss Headshot
Jonah Bliss Founder
Brandon Branham Headshot
Brandon Branham CTO and Assistant City Manager
City of Peachtree Corners
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke Co-Chair
Smart Cities Caucus
Lilian Coral Headshot
Lilian Coral Director, National Strategy + Tech Innovation
Knight Foundation
Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr.
Hardie Davis, Jr. Mayor, City of Augusta
Chair, Smart City Expo USA
Kim Desmond Headshot
Kim Desmond Chief Race & Equity Officer
City of San Diego
Phyllis Dickerson Headshot
Phyllis Dickerson CEO
African American Mayors Association
Kimberly Driggins Headshot
Kimberly Driggins Executive Director
Washington Housing Conservancy
Joshua Edmonds Headshot
Joshua Edmonds Director of Digital Inclusion
City of Detroit
Jorge Elorza Mayor
City of Providence
John Paul Farmer President
WeLink Cities
Dan Gelber Mayor
City of Miami Beach
Mayor Hancock Headshot
Michael B. Hancock Mayor
City of Denver
Eric Hornsby CEO
Saif Ishoof Headshot
Saif Ishoof Founder
Tishaura Jones Mayor
City of St. Louis
Jordan Justus Headshot
Jordan Justus CEO
Kimberly W. LaGrue CIO
City of New Orleans
Reta Jo Lewis President and Chair of the Board of Directors
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Karen Lightman Headshot
Karen Lightman Executive Director, Metro21: Smart Cities Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Headshot
Chokwe Lumumba Mayor
City of Jackson
Mayor Vi Lyles Headshot
Vi Lyles Mayor
City of Charlotte
José Morey Co-Founder
Ever Medical Technologies
Michael Nutter Former Mayor, City of Philadelphia
Professor, Columbia University | SIPA
Celia Ouellette CEO
Responsible Business Initiative for Justice
Michael Pegues CIO
City of Aurora
Aftab Pureval Mayor
City of Cincinnati
Brooks Rainwater Headshot
Brooks Rainwater Director, Center for City Solutions
National League of Cities
Anjana Rajan Headshot
Anjana Rajan CTO
Mayor Steven Reed Headshot
Steven Reed Mayor
City of Montgomery
George Reed Headshot
George Reed SVP, Sales and Marketing
Siradel, an Engie Group Company
Jennifer Sanders Executive Director
North Texas Innovation Alliance
Miguel Sangalang Headshot
Miguel Sangalang Executive Director
Jason Sankey Headshot
Jason Sankey CIO
City of Atlanta
Frank Scott, Jr. Headshot
Frank Scott, Jr. Mayor, City of Little Rock
President, African American Mayors Association
Grace Simrall Headshot
Grace Simrall Chief of Civic Innovation and Technology
City of Louisville
Kimberly Slaughter Headshot
Kimberly Slaughter CEO
Mayor Francis Suarez Headshot
Francis Suarez Mayor, City of Miami
President, U.S. Conference of Mayors
Mark Wheeler CIO
City of Philadelphia
NLC President Mayor Vince Williams
Vince Williams Mayor, Union City
President, National League of Cities
Mayor Victoria Woodards
Victoria Woodards Mayor
City of Tacoma
Zack Wyatt Headshot
Zack Wyatt Executive Director
Carolina Farm Trust
Stephanie Young Executive Director
When We All Vote