Unicorn Cities: VCs, Startups, and Smarter Cities

September 15, 2022. 1:45 PM


September 15, 2022

1:40 – 2:20PM

Smart cities are connected to different drivers of current technological innovations. From the Internet of Things to big data, smart technologies can be developed at different industrial scales. Meanwhile, while the global economy is transitioning to digital, Start-ups and unicorns have become a leading source of job growth, as they have proved to be able to scale faster than ever before, with younger cohorts of start-ups creating as much value as tech giants, and actually taking advantage of the infrastructure of big tech. This means, there is a huge opportunity for younger start-up ecosystems, and that local start-up ecosystems can find new opportunities for growth and employment generation thanks to the growing demand from cities to implement new connected products and services in urban management. This new reality means it’s important to embrace and foster entrepreneurship more than ever. The session will explore how cities can enhance their local innovation ecosystem and what tools, means and resources are needed to make it possible.