Ports to Airports: Smarter, Safer, Seas and Skies

September 14, 2022. 4:00 PM


September 14, 2022

4:00 – 4:30PM

Historically, both ports and airports have been associated with cities’ development but, at the same time, their impact on air quality as well as the location of Airports in low-density areas or Ports in the urban waterfront has also generated controversy and debate. Nowadays, the symbiosis between a Smart City and a Smart Port and Airport is clear. In this context, how can ports and airports regain their role as drivers of urban economic growth, be safer and cleaner as well as mitigate their negative impacts? During this session, we will highlight their role as essential assets cities, due to their logistical, industrial, productive and environmental role and we will explore different best practices and innovation applications of technological solutions in the commercial, public, logistics and safety sectors.