Moving the Masses: Innovations in Transportation

September 14, 2022. 1:50 PM


September 14, 2022

1:50 – 2:30PM

There is no doubt the way we move around in cities defines how cities are built and, at the same time, transportation and urban mobility is the backbone of major changes in how cities work and how people perceive the quality of life in cities. Thus, some of the most tangible smart city solutions have to do with innovations in transportation, from digital navigation to personalized mobility, along with electrification, new modal shifts, and more. Building smart cities means answering what kind of mobility we will have in the coming future, and this is something that can be planned, designed, and implemented if there is a clear vision of what is the right mobility system for any particular city. The session is envisaged as an exploration of what is to come around urban mobility, how transportation departments are dealing with the appearance of new solutions and actors, what is needed to find a new distribution of modes that works for all, or how to ensure robust, reliable public transportation systems.