Heat Waves to Hurricanes: Tech to Combat Climate Change

September 14, 2022. 11:20 AM


September 14, 2022

11:20 – 12:00PM

Technology continues to reshape economies and societies, and cities are rapidly deploying technology to address a wide range of urban challenges. Are we able to stop sea level rise? Are we in control of extreme heat? Are we able to stop the intensity of weather disasters?  The answer is no. Yet there are real-world solutions and existing real-world technology that will help us understand our climate future and most importantly, prepare for inevitable changes in water, heat, air and energy.  Our panel will help you appreciate possibilities that every city, every urban space should evaluate for their community.  We will share the plans and strategies that will help you prepare and collaborate toward smart and accelerated actions. Cities are at the leading edge of communication and will be held accountable to guide their communities on how to address the climate emergency. To build a resilient future, we know that government, and the full ecosystem of a city must come together to combat these challenges. Please join our discussion and bring your difficult questions to the session.