Electrification and a Just Energy Transition

September 15, 2022. 10:40 AM


September 15, 2022

10:40 – 11:20AM

Global CO2 emissions continue to rise at unprecedented levels, severely impacting humanity. It is a paramount priority that cities get ready for the rising challenges of urbanization and climate change, accelerating the energy transition as a key factor in increasing our ambitions to counteract this crisis. This will require great and collaborative efforts from the private and public sectors to leverage a common pool of opportunities. During this session, we will explore the current challenges and lessons learnt on energy transition, as well as highlight how electrification can contribute to this transition as the most efficient way to decarbonize final energy consumption. We will hear how cities can leverage energy optimization derived from the electrification and digitalization of urban infrastructure, services, and processes in order to respond flexibly to the ever-changing needs of citizens.