ARPA, IIJA, and Inclusive 21st Century Cities

September 14, 2022. 9:15 AM


September 14, 2022

9:15 – 9:50AM

(Video Message by Congresswoman Yvette Clarke)

The way we build, develop, renew, and upgrade our cities will represent an enduring legacy for decades, and will reshape how we live together in the coming century. Unprecedented federal funds are available to invest in the future of our cities, and thus, local leaders must work on defining an agenda of investments that can contribute to inclusive urban upgrading and modernization. With the right commitments and planning at local level, these funds can create sustainable impact in our communities and trigger new urban transformations. To make them work in the best possible way, we need to ask ourselves the right questions to understand the issues that are most pressing for communities, and correct past errors in urban infrastructure design and development. Now is the best time to raise questions about what has not worked from previous funding strategies and infrastructure projects and seize these new opportunities to make our cities inclusive, livable, and sustainable.