Beyond the Hype: Demonstrated Value for Blockchain within and for City Government (Invite Only)

September 14, 2022. 2:30 PM


September 14, 2022

2:30 – 3:15 PM

Invite Only.

This session will explore the realities of blockchain technology in action and under development in government. The goal is to get past the theoretical and focus on the practicalities of distributed ledger technology and ask questions that are typically dodged in convenings on this topic: What are the limitations and restrictions that need consideration by use case (e.g., are consensus models needed within a single government or only when programs are multi-jurisdictional, multi-entity)? What are the needed support models and resourcing governments have to adopt (e.g., application developer skills, codebase, consulting services)? Why use a blockchain and not existing database and encryption tech? This panel seeks to answer these questions candidly with an honest take on blockchain’s value proposition to government operations.