Women Shaping the Future of Smart Cities

By Smart City Expo USA
July 12, 2022

Every day, Smart City Expo USA has the privilege of engaging with some of the most brilliant and thoughtful leaders building smart, equitable, and sustainable 21st century cities around the world. This year especially, we’ve been honored to work with visionary female innovators and entrepreneurs from Italy to Jordan and Pittsburgh to Palo Alto.

Meet a few of the women shaping the future of smart cities

These women are building a Betterverse, using AI to map out food delivery routes to reach children across Appalachia, overseeing a team of 1000 city IT professionals, using digital twins to reimagine transit and transportation, collaborating with cities, EV, and AV companies to deliver a clean and efficient future, and leading the charge on cybersecurity, voting rights, venture capital, equitable housing, inclusive hiring, climate mitigation, and so much more.

See our full roster of speakers here.

Anjana Rajan is a human rights technologist and applied cryptographer.

Prior to serving as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Cornell Tech’s Public Interest Technology initiative (PiTech), Anjana was the CTO of Polaris, one of the largest anti-human trafficking NGOs in the United States where she architected Polaris’s web3 and human rights vision, built a robust strategy to defend the organization against disinformation threats caused by violent extremist groups, and created “Mission Engineering,” a leadership framework that inspires technologists to build solutions for complex and dangerous problems. 

To learn more about Anjana’s formidable sexual assault work at Y Combinator-backed Callisto, research at the intersection of mass shootings, domestic violence, and white supremacy extremism, and position as a Commanding Officer for Palantir in the Middle East, see here.