New Speakers Announced

By Smart City Expo USA
July 25, 2022

Smart City Expo USA is committed to amplifying the most diverse voices as we shape the future of our cities.

Representation matters and we are pleased to announce our latest speakers who will speak about equity in policing, tech to remove barriers to home ownership, ensuring a just energy transition, equity mapping tools, innovations in IoT, increasing economic opportunity for gig workers, standards for building inclusive smart cities, advancements in health tech, and so much more.

Take a look at our inclusive speaker roster.

Sample Topics

Smart City Expo USA’s expansive program reflects the opportunities and challenges facing our cities today. Join us in discussing how next-gen infrastructure, blockchain, AI, big data, cybersecurity, the metaverse, mobility, energy, public safety, housing, sensors, and digital twins can build resiliency and efficiencies, bridge racial wealth, equity, and opportunity gaps, upskill communities, advance global competitiveness, and future proof cities against historic inequities.

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